Published in 14/05/2018
Pompa di calore Splittata IDEA

Idea Flex heat pump

Air-Water split heat pump

The Idea Flex air-water heat pump system is the ideal solution for any residential application.

The Fiorini air-water split heat pump allows total control over the living climate by handling both the production of domestic hot water as well as heating and cooling through hydronic terminals like underfloor heating or a fan coil.

La pompa di calore Idea è disponibile in due versioni: Idea Flex e Idea Flex Galileus. L'Idea Flex garantisce le funzioni base per la gestione di un normale impianto, mentre l'Idea Flex Galileus garantisce fino a 24 funzionalità aggiuntive (vedi SW Galileus).

The Idea heat pump is available in two versions: Idea Flex and Idea Flex Galileus. Idea Flex guarantees basic operation for a normal system, whilst the Idea Flex Galileus guarantees up to 24 additional functions (see the Galileus software).

The Idea Flex heat pump system from Fiorini is made up of an indoor hydronic unit, equipped with a microprocessor that manages and controls heating or cooling of the water circulating in the system, and an outdoor DC-Inverter condensing unit.

The DC-Inverter allows, during winter operation, heat to be extracted from the outdoor air and then, during summer operation, the indoor environment to be pleasantly cooled by inverting the refrigeration cycle.


Power range

From 6 to 16 kW

Energy class



Greater than 4

Supplementary items

Thermal solar system or water heater management

Operational limits



Conditioning and DHW with air-water heat pump



Idea Flex is the air-water split heat pump from Fiorini with standard functions, ideal for any residential application that needs a classic system that allows simple and fast control of the living environment, that can produce domestic hot water, and that can heat as well as cool.

Main features
Power range from 6 to 16 kW
Simple use, commissioning and maintenance, with every internal component accessible from the front of the unit
Connections located in the lower part of the unit, as in a traditional water heater
Operation guaranteed down to -20°C
DHW production up to a temperature of 55°C
Integrated thermal solar system or water heater management
Hydraulic components needed for operation are included
Minimum size and detailed design for perfect integration into the environment


Idea Flex Galileus is the air-water split heat pump from Fiorini with advanced functions. It is the ideal solution for any residential application and is perfect for those systems in which total and intelligent control of the environment is needed, together with DHW production, heating and cooling.

Main features
Power range from 6 to 16 kW
Complete management of up to 30 environment zones, in terms of both temperature and humidity
Optimisation of the power consumption from photovoltaic production (photovoltaic tracking)
Anti-legionella cycle management
Internet connectivity and energy accounting
Management of up to 5 heat pumps in series
Integration of water heater, solar power or other sources, both for the system itself and for domestic uses
Mixed management, pumps and system zone valves


For the Idea Flex air-water split heat pumps, Fiorini has a set of accessories and kits available to the customer, indispensable in offering quality products that can meet all the customer’s needs.

IDEA FLEX SOLAR KITSolar kit with solar power system control unit, equipped with a contact card for the temperature probes (two supplied), to be placed on the manifolds and on the buffer tank, and with a solar circulator management card. The Galileus software manages the integration of the manifolds and their proper operation
ELECTRIC RESISTOR KITIntegration for the domestic hot water tank to manage any demand peaks from users
WEB KITNetwork card for the connection and complete management of the heat pump via Internet (no software installation required). Requires a permanent Internet connection with fixed IP
DEVIATION VALVE KITKit with deviation valve with a 24V electric actuator controlled by the Galileus software for the transfer and recovery of free thermal energy, distributing it in the domestic water storage tank or in the system storage tank
ROOM KITRoom temperature and humidity control kit consisting of an expansion card and remote probes for the management of 30 zones. Management for each zone of: a deviation valve, a hydraulic pump and independent isothermal dehumidifiers. Room temperature and humidity control with double setting, comfort or economy, of the room setpoints and of the dew point for summer regulation
MIXING VALVE KITMixing valve with modulating servomotor to adjust the temperature delivered to the floor heating system

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