SET 2.0 wall-mounted for DHW production

Fresh water station for DHW

The Fiorini SET 2.0 is the complete “plug and play” product to transfer heat from a buffer tank with technical water to water in the domestic network, guaranteeing the instantaneous production of domestic hot water.

The set is made up of a control unit (S or L, selected by the user based on the requested functionality), circulator with electronic control unit, heat exchanger in stainless steel AISI 316, metal body and thermoformed panels for mounting to the wall.

Thanks to the elevated efficiency of the heat exchanger, the SET 2.0 fresh water station for DHW is ideal in heat pump systems or systems with solar panels, which use low temperature (50-55°C) buffer tanks.


Flow range

From 2000 to 2800 l/h

Minimum DHW flow

From 2 to 5 l/min

Maximum DHW flow

From 40 to 100 l/min

Versions available

SET 25/35/40

Electronic control unit version

S/L (Entry level/PRO)


Instantaneous DHW production


The Fiorini SET 2.0 wall-mounted fresh water station for DHW has various important advantages that make it a complete, incredibly innovative, highly efficient, high quality product to transfer heat and to produce instantaneous domestic hot water.

The main advantages of the SET 2.0 wall-mounted unit are:

  • Timely and accurate temperature regulation of the domestic hot water
  • Highly efficient circulation pump (complies with Directive 2005/32/EC) and electronic control of the cycle rate
  • Graphical dashboard display showing the system temperature and the power output
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Insulated pipe fittings to reduce heat loss
  • Management of the domestic water recirculation pump
  • Available in two models with entry-level electronics (S) or advanced electronics (L)


There are two SET 2.0 wall-mounted fresh water station for DHW models: one with an entry-level electronic control unit, version S, and one with an advanced electronic control unit, version L. These two versions of the electronic control unit allow the user to choose the model depending on the required functionality. 


FunctionalityVersione SVersione L
Electronic control of the pump speedSiSi
Setting the DHW usage temperatureSiSi
Setting the DHW maximum temperature for a safety shut-offSiSi
Controlling any recirculation pumpSiSi
Managing anti-legionella treatments through thermal shocksSiSi
Solar: controlling the solar power system’s circulator/Si
Managing the activation and deactivation of the heat generator/Si
Managing kits in series/Si
Managing the mixing valve kit on the primary circuit/Si
Managing the storage tank’s stratification kit/Si
Consumption accounting functions/Si


Various accessory kits are available that can be combined with the Fiorini SET 2.0 wall-mounted fresh water station for DHW. Some of these kits can only be combined with the SET 2.0 model with the L electronic control unit (the L model control unit allows up to 3 digital outputs to be managed. Check the availability of the free outputs and the requirements of the various accessories.).

Accessory typeDescrizione
In series connection kitPermette il collegamento in cascata fino a ad un massimo di 8 preparatori istantanei, garantendo una produzione di ACS da un minimo di 2 l/min fino a 800 l/min. Raccomandato in quelle applicazioni in cui la richiesta di acqua calda sanitaria è fortemente variabile.
Recirculation kitControlla tramite diverse programmazioni un'eventuale pompa di ricircolo sanitaria
Mixing valve kitRegola la temperatura in ingresso allo scambiatore per maggior comfort e riduce il calcare
Deviation valve kitKit esterno per la stratificazione che garantisce il ritorno dell'acqua alla pompa di calore a una temperatura ottimale


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