20 January 2021
Gruppo di pompaggio speciale realizzato da Fiorini

CASE HISTORY: System continuity even in the event of a fault or maintenance? Fiorini produces a special pump unit.

Preventing a system shut-down due to a fault or routine maintenance work: these were the requirements requested by a major French manufacturer for the air conditioning […]
15 January 2021
Lancio calendario webinar Fiorini 2021

Fiorini Webinars: a successful initiative in 2020 and a calendar full of new appointments for 2021.

In 2020, despite the fragile health situation, Fiorini decided to go ahead and expand its range of proposals, focusing its attention and energy on training and […]
22 December 2020

Fiorini’s Christmas, closed for the holidays from 24 December to 11 January 2021

 Fiorini Industries would like to wish you Merry Christmas and happy new year!   Shipments and picking up will be suspended from until 11/01/2021. The offices will […]
17 December 2020
Collettori di espansione Fiorini

CASE HISTORY: Fiorini responds to the new requirements of a system and redesigns seven expansion manifolds “in the field”

Production requirements are changing ever more rapidly and every system, even the best, may require modifying on the fly.   This is what happened to the […]
30 November 2020
Serbatoi Fiorini per H Farm campus

CASE HISTORY: Fiorini is also contributing to the realisation of H-FARM Campus, the largest hub in Europe for innovation and active education.

Never has it been more apt to say that Fiorini’s professionalism was used in the name of innovation.     Fiorini, in fact, supplied a series […]
18 November 2020

Fiorini expands its catalogue with a series of new products and upgrades.

There are a whole host of new Fiorini products in the new 2021 catalogue which has just been published and made available for designers, installers and […]
30 October 2020
Serbatoi Fiorini per impianto cogenerazione

CASE HISTORY: Fiorini guarantees a 120,000-litre storage capacity for the cogeneration system in Novara.

A project destined for an important large-scale retail brand, which for several years has been actively looking for energy-saving solutions and green and environmentally-friendly energy production […]
27 October 2020

SAFETY FIRST: evacuation simulation of the facilities in Via Zampeschi in compliance with COVID-19 regulations

It is impossible to talk about quality without also and, above all, talking about safety. A concept, namely “Safety First”, of which Fiorini has a clear […]
30 September 2020

CASE HISTORY: Greater capacity, same installation context: Fiorini creates a new tank to upgrade an existing system.

Increasing the nitrogen storage capacity to 25 bars by replacing the tank in use with one of greater capacity. This was the need expressed to Fiorini […]
23 September 2020

CASE HISTORY: Fiorini builds a skid to manage the cooling of a bottling centre in Nigeria.

Fiorini put its skills at the service of a well-known international company in charge of designing and building the cooling system of a large bottling centre […]
15 September 2020

Fiorini presents FST, the new semi-fast domestic hot water heaters.

Compact, modular, and easy to install, they can adapt perfectly to any type of system.     More domestic hot water and smaller size: these are […]
30 July 2020

CASE HISTORY: Fiorini produces seven made-to-measure manifolds for a pasta-making factory

Fiorini meets the demands of Vaportermica Srl by producing seven manifolds for a pasta-making factory located in Muggia (Trieste), recently acquired by the leading company in […]
8 July 2020

Covid 19: Fiorini keeps its guard up on safety.

Over recent weeks, the Fiorini Industries HR department has been keeping a close eye on national and regional trends in regards to the spread of Covid-19, […]
1 July 2020

CASE HISTORY: Fiorini is participating in an innovative district heating project in Switzerland

A single thermal power station heats the water which is piped underground to the buildings in the city at a temperature of 80°C. Exchangers, which replace […]
15 June 2020
Fiorini impianto ospedale di Maratea.

CASE HISTORY – The Ospedale di Maratea chooses Fiorini for its DHW production system and solar heating panels

Fiorini Industries has partnered with the hospital in Maratea to create an additional heating system using solar panels and instant hot water production with the goal […]
22 May 2020
Webinar Plate heat exchangers for HVAC applications

Webinar – Plate heat exchangers for HVAC applications

The Fiorini webinar series continues! Here is the 6th webinar on plate heat exchangers for HVAC applications, how to correctly manage the heat exchange. Sign up […]
20 May 2020
misure anti covid 19 tensostruttura per la pausa pranzo

Anti Covid-19 measures: Fiorini builds a tensile structure for the lunch break

To protect its employees and prevent the Covid-19 virus, Fiorini has decided to invest in a tensile structure that lets them respect the safety distances even […]
15 May 2020

Webinar – ERP focus on hot water storage tank

The digital training by Fiorini towards his collaborators continues, here is the 5th webinar based on erp directive and how it works on storage tank for […]
8 May 2020

Webinar – Heat recovery in heat pumps

During Phase-2 Fiorini continues with digital training for his collaborators, here is the 4th webinar about heat recovery in heat pumps.     Take part in […]
7 May 2020
Fiorini riprende le attività di produzione con un protocollo di prevenzione del covid19

Phase 2: Fiorini is gradually restarting its production activities. Here are the safety measures adopted

Phase 2 of the Covid-19 emergency plan is put into place and Fiorini restarts its activities.   The entire production area is, in fact, gradually reopening […]
3 May 2020

Webinar – Pressure equipment directive

Fiorini Industries continues the digital training for his partners.     Register now: Take part in the Fiorini webinar to learn more about the PED […]
28 April 2020
Fiorini and Renovis together for a sustainable heating system

CASE HISTORY – Fiorini and Renovis together for a sustainable and zero-cost heating system [PART 2]

The collaboration between Fiorini Industries and the energy service company Renovis continues in the project aimed at the sustainability of a large multinational company operating in […]
23 April 2020

Webinar – Hydronic kit in modern HVAC installation

Fiorini Industries continues the digital training for his partners.       Relator: Giulio Abati, export sales department Fiorini Industries srl. Abstract: Chillers play an important […]
21 April 2020

Webinar – Legionella and DHW production systems

Fiorini Industries starts a digital training for his partners.     In this extraordinary period Fiorini thought he could share his experience on the field with […]
8 April 2020
Fiorini and Renovis zero-cost heating system

CASE HISTORY – Fiorini and Renovis together for a sustainable and zero-cost heating system [PART 1]

Fiorini Industries and the energy service company Renovis collaborated on an important project aimed at the sustainability of a large multinational company operating in the bakery […]
24 March 2020

Fiorini Industries is forced to stop production activities till the 3th April 2020

As consequence of Prime Minister’s Decree dated 22 March 2020 Fiorini Industries is forced to stop production activities till the 3th April 2020.   Sales team […]
11 March 2020
fiorini's measures to prevent covid-19

Fiorini’s measures to prevent COVID-19

Fiorini Industries,  in full compliance with the Italian Prime Ministerial Decree (DPCM) of 9 March 2020 to counter the COVID-19 emergency, is pursuing two fundamental objectives: […]
6 March 2020
fiorini al climate world exhibition di mosca

Fiorini at the Climate World Exhibition in Moscow, the biggest HVAC&R fair in Russia

From 10 to 13 March, Fiorini Industries will participate in the Climate World Exhibition, the biggest Russian fair dedicated to the HVAC&R sector.   Fiorini Industries […]
25 February 2020
Il più grande serbatoio coibentato da Fiorini

Fiorini thinks big! It has created a 16,000L insulated tank

A tank of “remarkable” size, the largest that has ever been insulated in the production plant. This is the challenge that the Fiorini team undertook in […]
31 January 2020
aqua-therm moscow 2020

Fiorini flies to Russia for AQUA-THERM MOSCOW 2020

From 11 to 14 February, Fiorini will attend the Moscow fair with its own stand dedicated to the Smart water heaters. In a few weeks Fiorini […]
21 January 2020
Fiorini sponsor team dakar 2020

Saudi Arabia’s Dakar: the Pajero sponsored by Fiorini suffers, but finishes the race

The most famous rally in the world ended last Friday, with the twelfth and final stage between Haradh and Qiddiya. Andrea Schiumarini and Enrico Gaspari overcome […]
15 January 2020
fiorini acquisisce sile caldaie

Fiorini Industries expands and acquires the Treviso-based company ‘Sile Caldaie’

The Milanese company HEIZER GAS, part of the Fiorini Industries group, acquired the Treviso-based company Sile Caldaie for a total of almost 2 million euros. The […]
10 January 2020
fiorini news office in moscow

Fiorini Industries consolidates its presence in Russia with a branch in Moscow

Fiorini Industries consolidates its presence in Russia with a new sales branch managed by Maxim Chekharin. A wonderful opportunity to further expand the range of action […]
20 December 2019
fiorini sostiene diabete romagna onlus

Fiorini’s Christmas gift for solidarity supports Diabete Romagna ONLUS

Fiorini Industries celebrates the holidays together with all its employees with a solidarity-based dinner.   The Christmas tradition this year is in fact made up of […]
18 December 2019
fiorini hosts a Unibo student for a curricular internship

Fiorini hosts a student from the University of Bologna for an engineering thesis

Fiorini Industries focuses on education and training, this time by hosting an engineering student from the University of Bologna for a curricular internship. He will base […]
2 December 2019
fiorini vacanze natale

Fiorini’s Christmas, closed for the holidays from 23 December to 6 January 2020

From Monday 23 December to Monday 6 January 2020, our facilities in Via Zampeschi 119 will remain closed for the Christmas holidays.   Prestigious collaborations, constant […]
29 November 2019
air chamber in the Catania Aqueduct

Fiorini supplies the tank for the air chamber in the Catania Aqueduct

Fiorini Industries has produced the hydraulic tank which will be used as the air chamber for the Catania Aqueduct: an autoclave storage system pressurised to 10 […]
18 November 2019
fiorini at the big 5

Fiorini at The Big 5 for the largest construction industry trade fair in the Middle East

From 25 to 28 November, Fiorini Industries will be at The Big 5 for the most important construction industry trade fair in the Middle East.   […]
24 October 2019
Fiorini hosts the meeting of the industrial expert of forlì-cesena

Fiorini Industries hosts the meeting of the Order of Industrial Experts of Forlì-Cesena

Fiorini Industries hosted in its offices in via Zampeschi a training meeting organized together with the Order of the Industrial Experts of Forlì-Cesena: 4 lessons held […]
15 October 2019
Sistema di raffreddamento

CASE HISTORY – Solutions for the wine industry, for cooling wine storage vats with a Fiorini three-circuit exchanger

Fiorini exchangers make the difference in the wine industry as well. This time, Fiorini Industries supplied a cooling system for wine storage vats, consisting of a […]
16 September 2019
Idrotech Srl chooses Ianus by Fiorini

CASE HISTORY – Idrotech Srl chooses Ianus by Fiorini, a zero-impact choice for housing units

The company specialized in hydraulic engineering Idrotech Srl has chosen the Ianus system by Fiorini for the construction of a totally eco-sustainable heating and cooling system […]
8 August 2019
corso di formazione cnos fap-fiorini

Fiorini is a partner of Cnos Fap in the Higher Education path

Fiorini Industries also hosted one of the 17 participants in the technical drawing and industrial design course organised by Cnos Fap Forlì. The internship, which lasted […]
29 July 2019
all in one hydronic kiy

CASE HISTORY – Hydronic Kit for the cooling of fruit processing centres

Since the beginning of 2018, Fiorini Industries has collaborated with a leading local enterprise highly experienced in the production of systems dedicated to the cooling of […]
19 July 2019

Set 2.0 with L control unit, the solution by Fiorini for producing INSTANT domestic hot water in heating systems

Instant hot water: Fiorini Industries presents the Set 2.0 model with L control unit to exploit the energy in heat storage systems.   Fiorini Industries builds […]
1 July 2019
fiorini skid unit

CASE HISTORY – Increased efficiency and precision with the new Fiorini Skid for cooling during the rolling process

Fiorini Industries has created an innovative Skid unit, made entirely of stainless steel, which will be used to process lead for a leading company which manufactures […]
28 May 2019
geothermal heat pump

GEO HFS, the new high-power heat pump by Fiorini

A new range of high-power and ultra-efficient geothermal heat pumps by Fiorini Industries replaces the previous HF range.   Fiorini Industries responds to the demand for […]
8 May 2019
fiorini introduce un defibrillatore in azienda

A defibrillator in the company: Fiorini is among the most responsible companies in Italy

Since July 2018, Fiorini Industries has had a defibrillator in the company. Thanks to the 8 employees who have been trained in how to use the […]
29 April 2019
Fiorini's exchangers in Montenegro

CASE HISTORY – Fiorini arrives at the Portonovi tourist resort in Montenegro

In October 2018, Fiorini Industries partnered with the Forlì-based engineering company, ELTEC, to implement the district heating and conditioning network of the Portonovi resort in Montenegro. […]
12 April 2019
Fenix System Hp Keymark certificate

Fenix System towards the HP Keymark energy certificate

The process aims to obtain the HP Keymark international certificate for the “made in Fiorini” heat pump system.     For anyone operating in the HVAC&R […]
1 April 2019
Heat pump Fenix at Ish 2019

Fenix at ISH 2019, the success of its heat pumps is branded Fiorini

From 11th to 15th March, Fiorini took part in the ISH 2019 trade fair in Frankfurt in order to present its new products in the HVAC&R […]
7 March 2019
Ish international fair in Frankfurt 2019

Fiorini at the ISH in Frankfurt to present the new heat pump system

Fiorini Industries will take part in the Ish international fair in Frankfurt. During the fair Fiorini will present Fenix, the new heat pump system
6 August 2018
fenix the fiorini's heat pump system

Fenix: the Fiorini heat pump system for conditioning and producing DHW

Fenix is the innovative Fiorini heat pump system that is the ideal solution to heat, cool and produce DHW through heat recovery.

26 July 2018

Powerful hydronic kits: discover the tailored solutions from Fiorini!

For years, Fiorini has produced customised solutions to meet - in the best way possible - a wide range of customer needs.

4 June 2018

Fiorini Aquamatic units are also installed in Holland

Fiorini has supplied a large Dutch residence, comprising 32 apartments, with its Aquamatic solution: fresh water stations for DHW with integrated buffer tank.

7 May 2018

Fiorini will attend the Chillventa fair 2018 in Nuremberg

From 16-18 October, Fiorini will attend the important Chillventa trade show in Nuremberg, a truly international point of reference in the world of refrigeration, conditioning and heat pumps.



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