13 April 2021

CASE HISTORY: Fiorini designs a fully tailored all-in-one solution.

All the hydronic components required to operate the system in a single box.     Fiorini puts its professionalism at the service of a global leader […]
8 April 2021

Fiorini Webinars: here are the next events!

PED assemblies, fast and instant DHW production, geothermal and hybrid heat pumps, and hydronic kits. These are the topics that will be covered during the Fiorini […]
2 April 2021

Happy Easter from Fiorini Industries.

Fiorini wishes its employees and customers a Happy Easter and reminds that the company will be closed on Monday 5 April    
23 March 2021

CASE HISTORY: Fiorini produces storage tanks for the conditioning system of a large Data Center in the telecommunications sector.

A powerful conditioning system, destined for one of the biggest Data Centers in Italy, located in the Milan area and headed by a leading company in […]
26 February 2021

Fiorini receives the ACS – Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire (Sanitary Conformity Certification) from the French government for its plate exchangers and FST.

Another step forward on the path towards product quality and safety. On February 10, Fiorini obtained the ACS – Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire (Sanitary Conformity Certification) […]
23 February 2021
Locker spesa automatizzato con serbatoio Fiorini

CASE HISTORY: The first locker for shopping installed in Italy features the Fiorini brand at its core.

A fully customised product for an innovative project: the creation of an automated locker for on-line food shopping pick-up purposes.     Fiorini contributed to the […]
11 February 2021
Fiorini Kit Idronico Caldo/freddo

CASE HISTORY: Fiorini customises its HPT unit and doubles its functions: hot/cold in a single hydronic kit.

Fiorini has created the hydronic component of a system designed for a milk processing plant, which the aim to allow for the efficient management of two […]
26 January 2021
Maxi Skid Fiorini

CASE HISTORY: Two hydronic kits become one. Fiorini creates one skid for a fruit and vegetable storage system.

Fiorini has used its HPT and HP kits to create the chiller and hydronic part of a system to regulate the temperature of cells used to […]
20 January 2021
Gruppo di pompaggio speciale realizzato da Fiorini

CASE HISTORY: System continuity even in the event of a fault or maintenance? Fiorini produces a special pump unit.

Preventing a system shut-down due to a fault or routine maintenance work: these were the requirements requested by a major French manufacturer for the air conditioning […]
15 January 2021
Lancio calendario webinar Fiorini 2021

Fiorini Webinars: a successful initiative in 2020 and a calendar full of new appointments for 2021.

In 2020, despite the fragile health situation, Fiorini decided to go ahead and expand its range of proposals, focusing its attention and energy on training and […]
22 December 2020

Fiorini’s Christmas, closed for the holidays from 24 December to 11 January 2021

 Fiorini Industries would like to wish you Merry Christmas and happy new year!   Shipments and picking up will be suspended from until 11/01/2021. The offices will […]
17 December 2020
Collettori di espansione Fiorini

CASE HISTORY: Fiorini responds to the new requirements of a system and redesigns seven expansion manifolds “in the field”

Production requirements are changing ever more rapidly and every system, even the best, may require modifying on the fly.   This is what happened to the […]


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