27 October 2020

SAFETY FIRST: evacuation simulation of the facilities in Via Zampeschi in compliance with COVID-19 regulations

It is impossible to talk about quality without also and, above all, talking about safety. A concept, namely “Safety First”, of which Fiorini has a clear […]
30 September 2020

CASE HISTORY: Greater capacity, same installation context: Fiorini creates a new tank to upgrade an existing system.

Increasing the nitrogen storage capacity to 25 bars by replacing the tank in use with one of greater capacity. This was the need expressed to Fiorini […]
23 September 2020

CASE HISTORY: Fiorini builds a skid to manage the cooling of a bottling centre in Nigeria.

Fiorini put its skills at the service of a well-known international company in charge of designing and building the cooling system of a large bottling centre […]
15 September 2020

Fiorini presents FST, the new semi-fast domestic hot water heaters.

Compact, modular, and easy to install, they can adapt perfectly to any type of system.     More domestic hot water and smaller size: these are […]
30 July 2020

CASE HISTORY: Fiorini produces seven made-to-measure manifolds for a pasta-making factory

Fiorini meets the demands of Vaportermica Srl by producing seven manifolds for a pasta-making factory located in Muggia (Trieste), recently acquired by the leading company in […]
8 July 2020

Covid 19: Fiorini keeps its guard up on safety.

Over recent weeks, the Fiorini Industries HR department has been keeping a close eye on national and regional trends in regards to the spread of Covid-19, […]
1 July 2020

CASE HISTORY: Fiorini is participating in an innovative district heating project in Switzerland

A single thermal power station heats the water which is piped underground to the buildings in the city at a temperature of 80°C. Exchangers, which replace […]
15 June 2020
Fiorini impianto ospedale di Maratea.

CASE HISTORY – The Ospedale di Maratea chooses Fiorini for its DHW production system and solar heating panels

Fiorini Industries has partnered with the hospital in Maratea to create an additional heating system using solar panels and instant hot water production with the goal […]
22 May 2020
Webinar Plate heat exchangers for HVAC applications

Webinar – Plate heat exchangers for HVAC applications

The Fiorini webinar series continues! Here is the 6th webinar on plate heat exchangers for HVAC applications, how to correctly manage the heat exchange. Sign up […]
20 May 2020
misure anti covid 19 tensostruttura per la pausa pranzo

Anti Covid-19 measures: Fiorini builds a tensile structure for the lunch break

To protect its employees and prevent the Covid-19 virus, Fiorini has decided to invest in a tensile structure that lets them respect the safety distances even […]
15 May 2020

Webinar – ERP focus on hot water storage tank

The digital training by Fiorini towards his collaborators continues, here is the 5th webinar based on erp directive and how it works on storage tank for […]
8 May 2020

Webinar – Heat recovery in heat pumps

During Phase-2 Fiorini continues with digital training for his collaborators, here is the 4th webinar about heat recovery in heat pumps.     Take part in […]


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