SET and T-SET: domestic hot water in a pratical “Plug and Play” solution.

Published in 31/08/2021
Fiorini's SET and T-SET: Instant DHW production units

The two DHW instant heaters are among the key new products in the Fiorini 2021 catalogue.

Fiorini's SET and T-SET: Instant DHW production units


Don’t let their compact size fool you.
Fiorini’s SET, thanks to a stainless steel brazed plate exchanger and an electronic control unit with user-friendly operation controls, is a genuine “heavyweight” in instant DHW production.


Available in three versions (SET 20, SET 30 and SET 40), each one with different DHW nominal flow rates (20 l./min, 30 l./min and 40 l./min.), SET is the evolution of the “wall-mounted” instant heaters which Fiorini added to the catalogue several years ago.


Compared to the previous versions, this new wall unit SET is much smaller (590X374X194 in mm), easier to install (it’s Plug and Play) and even simpler to use (just one display is needed to control everything).


Are you looking for something more basic but with the same performance? Fiorini has got what you’re looking for!
T-SET, the “analogue” version of SET, is available in two versions (SET 20 and SET 30) and has the same construction quality, dimensions and flow rate range. The main difference is that in the T-SET, the domestic hot water temperature is set via a thermostat mixing valve. This method, not only makes it much easier to make adjustments, but also facilitates installation which is, in turn, cheaper than the electronic version.


Both Set and T-Set can also be supplemented with different optional add-ons (such as a recirculation kit, for example) which improve the performance, optimise consumption and make them more user friendly.

In short, two types of SETs and dozens of possibilities.




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