Warranty terms and exclusions
Fiorini Industries S.r.l. warrants the quality and operation of its Products and undertake to eliminate any defects in material or workmanship. Fiorini Industries S.r.l. shall decide at its sole discretion, whether to repair or replace the defective parts or the whole product under warranty.

In case of repair or replacement of the product or any part of it, the warranty terms will remain unchanged.
Warranty period: Warranty is granted for a period of 12 months. Fiorini Industries S.r.l. can grant different conventional warranty periods on some special products.
No warranty is provided for damage on parts subject to standard wear and tear or for any damage or defects caused by tampering with the product or by improper use and/or lack of maintenance.
The warranty does not cover any interventions on the hydraulic system, electrical system or any other accessories not supplied by Fiorini industries S.r.l.
In order to enforce the warranty, the Customer must send to Fiorini industries S.r.l. a report detailing the defect within 8 days after such defect becomes apparent and within the warranty period.
If deemed necessary by Fiorini Industries S.r.l. which expressly authorises the return of the part/product, the Customer must send it DDP (Incoterms 2010) to the Forlì seat of Fiorini Industries S.r.l.
The Customer must also send to Fiorini Industries S.r.l. a proof of purchase of the product from Fiorini Industries S.r.l. that indicates clearly and unequivocally the product model and serial number.
Unless prior written consent of Fiorini Industries S.r.l. is obtained, the Customer cannot repair the product in case of malfunctioning or defective parts, as this would make the warranty void.

The warranty does not cover any malfunctioning and/or non conformities of the product caused by transport; lack of proof or non execution of the maintenance interventions indicated in the operation and maintenance manual; failure to comply with the instructions and warnings related to the installation and/or operation of the product supplied by Fiorini Industries S.r.l.; tampering with the product, any interventions, including maintenance interventions, carried out by non qualified or authorised personnel; incorrect or improper use of the product; failure to respect the scope and application field of the product; further damage caused by the user using the product after the malfunctioning occurred; use of spare parts, components or accessories that are not original or are not recommended by Fiorini Industries S.r.l. and any damage resulting therefrom; incorrect or abnormal electric and/or hydraulic power supply; corrosion, encrustation or breakage caused by stray currents, excessive water hardness, scale deposits, slurry deposits, condensate, aggressive or acidic substances in contact with the product, improper de-scaling treatments; force majeure events such as frost or overheating – beyond the envisaged operation conditions – fire, lightning, theft and vandalism, accidents, fortuitous events etc.
This warranty refers to Directive 99/44/EC and the applicable national legislation.