CASE HISTORY: Fiorini takes part in a construction project that looks to the future

Published in 15/07/2021

Ianus the system of choice for a new, completely zero-impact building.


An old block of apartments in Gravina di Puglia to be knocked down and rebuilt to create 18 apartments and 2 commercial premises, all meeting the requirements of the highest energy efficiency class. This is the project in which Michele Forte Impianti involved Fiorini Industries, drawing on the latter’s experience in the development of high-performance, zero-impact HVAC and DHW systems.


The situation presented the ideal conditions to make the most of the advantages offered by Ianus, the Fiorini geothermal system combining a geothermal heat pump with a series of photovoltaic-thermal hybrid panels, exploiting the sun’s energy to guarantee heating, cooling, and domestic hot water production.


The main challenge was in properly sizing the system, combining standard elements and custom products to create a system able to efficiently respond to both the building’s real energy needs, and the eco-sustainability needs expressed by the client.


The partnership with the installer proved strategic in this sense, allowing Fiorini engineers to provide a custom, suitably sized Ianus system consisting in two 24kW GEO pumps with VKD HC 25000-litre inertial storage tanks equipped with insulated diffusing pipes to connect the circuits, one 2500-litre puffer and two SET 40 modules.


A mix of innovative technologies, custom products and professionalism, which, also thanks to a solid partnership with the client company, allowed the development of a construction project in the name of eco-sustainability.




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