Fiorini thinks big! It has created a 16,000L insulated tank

Published in 25/02/2020
Il più grande serbatoio coibentato da Fiorini

A tank of “remarkable” size, the largest that has ever been insulated in the production plant. This is the challenge that the Fiorini team undertook in January 2020, responding to the technical requirements of one of our customers.

fiorini's largest insulated tank


An order that put the entire insulation department to the test, involving them in a project whose main difficulty was the impossibility of using the “usual” equipment, unsuitable for handling the enormous size and weight of the tank.


Even just safely moving a giant of 16,000L is no small feat, if you then think about the work of insulation, coating in embossed aluminium coating and galvanising, all carried out in record time, then the delivery of the first collection tank becomes something for the entire Fiorini technical team to take pride in.


The umpteenth step forward in a growth path driven by passion, competence and the desire to think (and design) bigger and bigger.