Published in 09/12/2020
Aquamatic - Fiorini Industries


Fresh water station for DHW with integrated buffer tank

Aquamatic is the only system that can instantaneously produce domestic hot water by exploiting the energy stored in the integrated buffer tank.

The Aquamatic fresh water station for DHW is ideal for heating systems powered by energy sources which, for optimum operation, require the use of a buffer tank: heat pump, thermal solar system, biomass water heater.

Aquamatic is available in three storage capacities in three different versions: Aquamatic, Aquamatic PLUS and Aquamatic SOLAR.

These vary based on the presence or otherwise of a second exchanger, intended for supplemental energy sources, and the ability to manage, in an integrated way, the additional heat source through a dedicated electronic pump and specially programmed software.

Italian style, innovation and technology!


Energy class


Capacity range

200/300/500 Litres

Minimum DHW flow at start-up

2 l/min

Maximum DHW flow

35 l/min

Circulation pump

Variable speed electronics

Supervision system





A Fiorini fresh water station for DHW, with integrated buffer tank, has various important advantages that make it an incredibly innovative, highly efficient, high quality product.

The main advantages of Aquamatic models are:

  • Compact and original design
  • Plug and Play: ease of installation thanks to the integrated elements
  • Easy and intuitive to use thanks to the graphic display
  • Automatic activation even with low demand for domestic hot water (2 litres/min)
  • Guaranteed maximum hygiene and prevention of legionella from forming
  • Simple access for maintenance
  • Minimum heat loss (energy class B)
  • Communication with supervision systems
  • Option to use different energy sources
  • Greater production of domestic water at a comfortable temperature compared to other traditional systems


1 IDEA Flex Galileus heat pump2 IDEA Flex Galileus heat pump (indoor unit)3 Fresh water station AQUAMATIC
4 Buil-in inertial tank AQUAMATIC5 Built-in three way diverter valve6 Safety group
7 Fiorini solar panel8 Solar station no pump9 DHW recirculation pump
10 Heating circuit 111 Heating circuit 212 Photovoltaic modules
13 Inverter for photovoltaic system


aquamatic - Layout



Fiorini has a set of accessories available to the customer to integrate with an Aquamatic fresh water station for DHW, already equipped with integrated buffer tank to improve performance, regulate and guarantee the temperature and to control operation even via the internet.

Accessory typeDescrizione
Electric resistor kitGarantisce la temperatura di accumulo anche in caso di apporto energetico insufficiente, gestito da Aquamatic
Mixing valve kitRegola la temperatura in ingresso allo scambiatore per maggior comfort e la riduzione di calcare
Deviation valve kitKit esterno per la stratificazione che garantisce il ritorno dell'acqua alla pompa di calore a una temperatura ottimale
System pufferVolano inerziale dedicato all'impianto di riscaldamento (70/90 Litri) montato sotto Aquamatic
Recirculation kitControlla tramite diverse programmazioni un eventuale pompa di ricircolo sanitaria
Web kitControlla e supervisiona Aquamatic via internet
Modbus kitPermette la comunicazione con sistemi di supervisione modbus
Solar moduleStazione solare pre assemblata per gestione circuito solare