CASE HISTORY: Fiorini contributes to the conversion of an ancient masseria (a traditional Apulian farmhouse) into a zero impact Bed & Breakfast.

Published in 30/04/2021

A geothermal system to manage heating, cooling, DHW and electricity with a 100% environmentally-friendly approach.


A state-of-the-art system, part of the project to convert several 19th century “trulli”, located in Ostuni, into a modern Bed & Breakfast accommodation, with a signature wellness and strong environmentally-friendly feel. This is the ambitious and challenging project in which Fiorini was involved, along with Idracol and Protek, to design and install a geothermal system capable of fulfilling the energy requirements of the building without affecting its aesthetic appearance.


The choice fell on Ianus, Fiorini’s solution which makes it possible to use the renewable energy of the air and sun to produce thermal and electrical energy, all without resorting to any type of fossil fuel and thus, avoiding an increase in the greenhouse effect.


After the design stage, in collaboration with Idracol, the probe field and sizing of the various control unit components were defined, resulting in the identification of the Ianus solution consisting of:


  • GEO R 33KW heat pump, which exploits the ground to produce energy for use in the various HVAC processes.
  • A photovoltaic installation consisting of several dozen hybrid PVT panels, capable of converting part of the sun’s rays into electricity, as well as transferring the thermal energy, generated by the sunlight and the electricity produced, to the heat pump. This solution means less probes are required and provides the pump with the electrical and thermal energy required to operate it.
  • Two SET 35 combined with a recirculation kit for producing DHW, supplied by a PFA 1000 dedicated to technical hot water.
  • VKG HC 1000 to supply the heating/cooling system.

The expertise of Fiorini and Protek in the field of geothermal heat pumps, zero-emission systems and underfloor heating/cooling were fundamental in allowing Idracol to create a system that, in addition to being functional, respected the historic building and guaranteed a reduced environmental impact: the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.




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