CASE HISTORY: Fiorini designs a fully tailored all-in-one solution.

Published in 13/04/2021

All the hydronic components required to operate the system in a single box.



Fiorini puts its professionalism at the service of a global leader in products and technology for buildings, integrated fire and safety solutions, energy efficiency and retail solutions.


The client needed to offer the end customer an all-in-one solution, which contained all the hydronic components, required to operate the system, in a single box. An exciting challenge, the complexity of which was determined by the size of the individual elements and the space available for the installation.


Fiorini analysed the needs of the “Building Technologies & Solutions” sector of the company concerned and created a hydronic kit consisting of a 5000L tank, chiller circulation pumps, re-start pumps to the system and inverters, all enclosed in a sturdy and compact box for outdoor installation.


The box, position of the connections and the overall dimensions were designed and developed to ensure that the kit fitted seamlessly into the system designed, installed on the roof, between the two chillers. The biggest challenge facing Fiorini was the need to expand the range of its HPT hydraulic stations from 2500L to 5000L; a modification that also complicated the layout of the installed pumps. The tank was fitted with a horizontal partition to divide the hot side (on top) from the cold side (underneath). The pumps were laid out to allow suction from underneath while extraction pipes were laid out for the chiller circuit on the suction side to take water from the upper part (hot).


Complete, tailored and easy to install: the perfect solution for the customer.




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