CASE HISTORY: Fiorini produces storage tanks for the conditioning system of a large Data Center in the telecommunications sector.

Published in 23/03/2021

A powerful conditioning system, destined for one of the biggest Data Centers in Italy, located in the Milan area and headed by a leading company in the telecommunications sector.


This is the project to which Fiorini has provided its contribution, producing the storage tanks required to ensure optimal climatic conditions for the correct operation of the entire IT infrastructure.


The system provides a water cooling system for the two Data Rooms in the building. A direct expansion cooling system is housed in the battery rooms with an indoor unit installed on the ceiling and an external condensing unit. There is also a ventilation system consisting of an in-line duct extractor, connected to circular PVC channels and ventilation valves.


In partnership with the client company, Fiorini duly produced 16 storage tanks, each one with an 8,000-litre capacity, thus guaranteeing the 128,000 litres required to ensure the system meets the needs of the two Data Rooms and the adjacent technical rooms, in addition to the offices, restrooms and hallways of the entire Data Center. This is a project of national prestige, both in terms of the size and importance of the final customer. The competition was, therefore, fierce and the possibility of reducing delivery times was a key factor that led ABC, Fiorini’s Technology and Industrial Processes Business Unit, to deploy all its flexibility in the manufacturing phase of the components.


A feature that proved decisive in winning a truly significant order, for a project that represents another step on the path towards technological progress for the whole country.




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