CASE HISTORY: Heating, conditioning and DHW production: leave it to Fiorini!

Published in 04/08/2022

A complete project for the boiler room of a new apartment complex in Forlì

Impianto condominio Forlì - Fiorini


An apartment complex completely powered by Fiorini Industries solutions: from the geothermal system for heating and conditioning, to the equipment for domestic hot water production.


The heart of the system is a geothermal heat pump equipped with two scroll compressors, combined with 11 geothermal probes that reach a depth of up to 120 m.


The system also includes a VKG-HC tank dedicated to the conditioning and heating system, and a puffer paired with four SET 40 modules for instant DHW production, complete with kits for cascade operation and domestic recirculation, controlled by time and temperature.


During the heating stage, thermal energy is drawn from the ground through the probes and transferred first to the buffer tank, the VKG-HC, and from here to the underfloor heating system of each single apartment.


In summer, the thermal flow is reversed with respect to the winter one, allowing conditioning of the environments through the same system.


The heat pump is activated for the production of domestic hot water through a feature allowing thermal energy to be transferred from the ground to heat the puffer, using only a fraction of electrical energy.


The technical water, stored in the puffer, is heated by the cooling medium through the dedicated exchanger located in the heat pump, and in turn heats the cold domestic water coming from the aqueduct, through the SETs. Every user therefore receives instant domestic hot water on demand.


A perfect solution for all seasons, able to combine respect for the environment, efficiency, and comfort in the home.




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