Domestic hot water in the absence of gas? PLUGGY takes care of it!

Published in 17/06/2021

Fiorini’s electric storage water tank is easy to install, practical to use and built to last, features that make it the ideal solution to provide DHW to small businesses.



PLUGGY is one of the many new products that Fiorini has developed for 2021: a fully electric storage water tank that allows you to store DHW at high temperatures continuously. A product that is the ideal solution for providing hot water to small offices, shops, hair salons and all businesses without a gas supply.


What makes PLUGGY different from other similar electric storage water tanks on the market?
The answer is simple, it is a Fiorini product, so it has been designed and manufactured with quality in mind.


Firstly, the performance: PLUGGY is available in three versions (150, 200 and 300 litres) and can reach much higher temperatures compared to the standards for this type of product, making it possible to heat and store water up to 75°C.


Then, there’s the practical aspect: PLUGGY is fitted with a mixing valve, allowing for temperature regulation of the DHW and thus, avoiding the risk of scalding. It is also really easy to install… you can put it virtually anywhere!


Lastly, the sturdiness: PLUGGY is built to last. This is demonstrated by its immersion heater elements made with top-quality Incoloy 825 stainless steel, DZR brass, passivation, zinc-free welding and precision-calculation surface loads, all factors which guarantee maximum durability in hard water.


A functional and reliable product at a highly competitive price, designed for anyone who does not have a gas supply, but needs DHW without foregoing quality. And there’s one more thing… PLUGGY’s minimal design makes it visually attractive, so you’ll never want to hide it behind a wall.




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