Fenix at ISH 2019, the success of its heat pumps is branded Fiorini

Published in 01/04/2019
Heat pump Fenix at Ish 2019

From 11th to 15th March, Fiorini took part in the ISH 2019 trade fair in Frankfurt in order to present its new products in the HVAC&R sector: among these, Fenix, the new heat pump system.

La pompa di calore Fenix System all'Ish 2019



From 11th to 15th March, Fiorini Industries took part in the ISH 2019 trade fair in Frankfurt where it showcased its latest products in the HVAC&R sector.

Among the new proposals, the star attraction was Fenix, the latest hybrid heat pump system designed by Fiorini for the residential and small service air conditioning sector, capable of producing domestic hot water from heat recovery and without interrupting the heating-cooling cycle.

The new arrival at Fiorini is unique thanks to its capability of going beyond the classic limits of a heat pump: heating and cooling are in fact produced by contemporaneously using hydronics and direct expansion terminals, whilst domestic hot water is obtained by exploiting F-Tank heat recovery.

Moreover, the inverter technology which characterises the external unit, together with soundproofed materials and the excellent capacity of the electronics to control the compressor cycle, ensure high-efficiency and low noise levels.

Fenix therefore took ISH 2019 by surprise, thereby underlining Fiorini’s key position in the world of Made in Italy sustainable systems.