Fiorini Academy

Published in 07/12/2023



Fiorini Academy represents an ambitious educational project, realized by Fiorini Industries in close collaboration with Formart and Generazione Vincente. This training program involves 10 aspiring professionals in manual welding, offering them a unique opportunity for growth and specialization. The 156 hours of training, initiated on November 27, 2023, and set to conclude on December 22, 2023, promise to shape new professionals in the field.


The Strategic Partnership


The beating heart of this initiative is the synergy between Fiorini Industries, Formart, and Generazione Vincente. Fiorini Industries, a leader in the industrial sector, partners with Formart, a renowned training company, and Generazione Vincente, a labor agency committed to creating career opportunities. The partnership translates into a tangible commitment: Fiorini will hire at least 40% of the course participants.


A Comprehensive and Articulated Course


Participants in Fiorini Academy benefit from a comprehensive training program, divided into targeted phases. The first part, conducted in the classroom, focuses on fundamental courses in the Italian language and safety. Giovanni Zoffoli, responsible for the quality and safety system at Fiorini Industries, will guide participants through these crucial aspects, providing a solid foundation for their professional development.


Subsequently, the training will shift to welding techniques, entrusted to Busuioc Viorel, an experienced welder at Fiorini Industries. His field experience will translate into practical and in-depth guidance, equipping aspiring welders with the necessary skills to excel in their craft.


The second part of the classroom will be dedicated to reading technical drawings, with Massimiliano Marrughi, head of the technical office at Fiorini Industries, sharing his expertise in deciphering and interpreting the complex projects that constitute the operational fabric of the industry.


Transition to Practical Application


From December 5, participants will have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned by moving directly to the production facility of Fiorini Industries. Here, they will be immersed in a real practical experience, facing the challenge of manual welding. The addition of practical skills such as visual welding inspection is a fundamental element and will be an integral part of the training program.


Fiorini Academy aims not only to train new talents but also to create a synergistic connection between the theory learned in the classroom and its practical application in the field. In this way, participants will become not only qualified welders but also professionals capable of fully understanding the industrial context in which they operate.


In conclusion, Fiorini Academy emerges as a virtuous example of how strategic partnerships between industry, education, and employment agencies can generate concrete opportunities and train new generations of highly qualified professionals in the field of manual welding. An investment in talent that promises to yield lasting results in the Italian industrial landscape.





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