CASE HISTORY – Increased efficiency and precision with the new Fiorini Skid for cooling during the rolling process

Published in 01/07/2019
fiorini skid unit

Fiorini Industries has created an innovative Skid unit, made entirely of stainless steel, which will be used to process lead for a leading company which manufactures systems for battery production.

fiorini skid unit


Fiorini Industries has supplied a skid unit, made entirely of stainless steel, to a leading manufacturer of systems for the production of batteries.

Using Fiorini technology, the skid unit, implemented by the customer within its system, allows the lead to be rolled through a procedure previously confined to processing aluminium. This is, in fact, a prototype that calls for strictly controlled cooling times which are, however, faster than traditional technology.


The tailored solution, made to the customer’s specifications, consists of a 3000-litre first collection tank, F041 inspectable plate heat exchanger, water distribution pump, piping and connection valves, all pre-assembled on the support base made of UPN profiles.

Fiorini has enabled the customer to reduce installation costs by delivering the skid pre-assembled and by using “plug and play” connections, such as those produced by Victaulic or flanged connections.


The Skid system has also allowed the customer to improve the performance of the rolling lines for the metal used in batteries in terms of precision and energy efficiency.

By taking advantage of the water circulation and heat exchange performance of the F041 exchanger, the working point of the rolls is always maintained at a constant temperature.


As a result, the customer has been able to achieve greater precision during the rolling process, plus a reduction in the cooling times and a decrease in the use of energy and resources.

A perfect example to describe the potential of Fiorini Skids, which are part of the tailored solutions that can successfully adapt to different production processes.

Find out more about other tailored solutions provided by Fiorini at the following link:



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