CASE HISTORY – Idrotech Srl chooses Ianus by Fiorini, a zero-impact choice for housing units

Published in 16/09/2019
Idrotech Srl chooses Ianus by Fiorini

The company specialized in hydraulic engineering Idrotech Srl has chosen the Ianus system by Fiorini for the construction of a totally eco-sustainable heating and cooling system with low energy consumption.

Idrotech Srl chooses Ianus by Fiorini


Respect for the environment starts with us and our homes. But how to do it? For example, through the use of eco-sustainable systems designed to minimize waste.

Like the company Idrotech Srl, specialized in hydraulic engineering, which turned to Fiorini Industries for the creation of a heating and cooling system for DHW production for single-family housing.


Fiorini’s task was to assist in the choice of the right system with low management costs and high energy efficiency and to supply materials for the construction of a Ianus system with solar panels, the latter integrated with geothermal probes and the MyPower kit, for on-site optimization of self-produced energy consumption.


A 100% sustainable choice, given that Ianus combines the work of a heat pump with that of 24 hybrid thermophotovoltaic panels, to ensure heating, cooling, and the production of domestic hot water, as well as the maximum reduction in consumption. The heat pump is used by the system to keep the temperature of the buffer tank, which stores the technical water necessary to produce domestic hot water instantaneously via an SET 25 Plus 2.0: this way, it becomes useless to do sanitization cycles, in addition to being able to store water at the optimum temperature for the heat pump.


The thermal exchange between the heat pump and the ground is instead achieved by means of two vertical geothermal probes with a total length of about 200 m, while the 24 hybrid solar panels generate a nominal electrical power of 6 kWp and help dispose of the power that must be dissipated by the heat pump in air.

Finally, the system is equipped with a heat exchanger thanks to which it is possible to use part of the condensation heat of the compressor to heat the buffer tank while the unit is working, to bring the system tank up to temperature: in winter mode the heat contained in the gas discharged by the compressor is recovered at a temperature higher than that of the water contained in the buffer tank, while in summer the heat used is a part of that which would be disposed of via the geothermal system. Free domestic hot water is thus produced every season.


The Fiorini system therefore maximizes the use of renewable energy like the one from the sun and air to produce the thermal and electrical energy necessary for the needs of the housing unit.


From sales service to technical support, Fiorini has finally followed the customer in every phase of the installation and integration process of the system, to guarantee maximum efficiency with zero impact.



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