Fiorini’s measures to prevent COVID-19

Published in 11/03/2020
fiorini's measures to prevent covid-19

Fiorini Industries,  in full compliance with the Italian Prime Ministerial Decree (DPCM) of 9 March 2020 to counter the COVID-19 emergency, is pursuing two fundamental objectives: the health and safety of its staff and their families, and continuity of service.

fiorini's measures to prevent covid-19


The company has strengthened every measure necessary to prevent the spread of the virus, ensuring that work environments are continuously disinfected and promoting the use of tools for remote meetings with customers and suppliers (Skype calls,  video/teleconferencing, email, etc.) as a replacement to business trips and in-office meetings, which are suspended until further notice.


However, the Fiorini Industries offices, production facility and warehouses will remain operational in order to ensure continuity of service.


As our management team has stated, “In this difficult period we are staying constantly updated, adapting our daily hygiene and behavioural habits, to protect everyone’s health without sacrificing our efficiency at work”.