Set 2.0 with L control unit, the solution by Fiorini for producing INSTANT domestic hot water in heating systems

Published in 19/07/2019

Instant hot water: Fiorini Industries presents the Set 2.0 model with L control unit to exploit the energy in heat storage systems.

Fiorini set 2.0 L control unit


Fiorini Industries builds on and reconfirms the Set 2.0 “plug & play” model, for instant heating of domestic water through heat storage in installations for medium and large-sized buildings that also make use of alternative energy sources, such as solar or geothermal energy.


The Set 2.0 fresh water station for DHW is fitted with an L control unit which can also be used to control the solar heating system dedicated to water storage tank heating. This system allows for circular heat management with the possibility of foregoing the installation of a specific heat regulator. A system with solar panels can, in fact, be controlled directly by the Set’s control unit and does not require a solar station with an electronic board, resulting in clear economic and management benefits.


Lastly, the excellent efficiency of the heat exchangers allows the Set 2.0 with L control unit to be successfully applied to heat pumps or solar panels which employ low temperature heat storage (50-55°C).


An example of Set 2.0 installation in series with L control unit, in an apartment complex of apartments and attic apartments in energy class A4:




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