VE expansion vessels for pressurised water

Published in 14/05/2018

VE expansion vessels for pressurised water

Pressure tanks for pressurised water

VE expansion vessels are designed to contain pressurised water without a dilation membrane, in full respect of P.E.D. Directive 2014/68/EU.

They are normally used in industrial systems to compensate for changes in the volume of the heat transfer fluid caused by temperature changes.

The Fiorini VE expansion vessels for pressurised water do not have a membrane and in this way the heat transfer fluid is in direct contact with the cushion of air inside the tank.

The lack of a membrane inside the expansion vessel means that there is no need to periodically replace it, thereby reducing maintenance.

All the Fiorini pressure tanks, including the VE expansion vessel for pressurised water, can be built, on request, with customised designs to meet individual specific needs and even in small batches.


Standard capacity range

From 300 to 20000 Litres


Carbon steel S 235 JR

Protective treatment

Hot dip galvanising or exterior coating

Maximum pressure range

From 6 to 12 bar

Operational limits

165°C - 175°C - 200°C


Compensates for changes in volume

High Pressure
Tailor Made