CASE HISTORY: Fiorini is participating in an innovative district heating project in Switzerland

Published in 01/07/2020

A single thermal power station heats the water which is piped underground to the buildings in the city at a temperature of 80°C. Exchangers, which replace traditional boilers, use the heat to provide heating for the buildings and produce domestic hot water. The cold water is then returned from the buildings to the thermal power station where it is heated again and recirculated.


This, in short, is the description of the district heating system in Tesserete, a small town in the Swiss municipality of Capriasca in the Canton Ticino. A complex, innovative and highly eco-sustainable project which Fiorini Industries is proud to be a part of, by providing know-how and technical expertise.


Capriasca Calore, the company set up by the Municipality of Capriasca to implement and manage the district heating system of Tesserete, has chosen Fiorini to produce one of the key elements of the system: the tank that accumulates the 40,000 litres of water required to meet the energy needs of the city’s homes and commercial and industrial buildings.


The tank, due for delivery in July, will act as a buffer tank for the system’s biomass power plant which will use wood chips to power the boiler and guarantee a reduction of 160,000 litres of naphtha and 425 tons of CO2 emissions per year.




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