CASE HISTORY: Greater capacity, same installation context: Fiorini creates a new tank to upgrade an existing system.

Published in 30/09/2020

Increasing the nitrogen storage capacity to 25 bars by replacing the tank in use with one of greater capacity. This was the need expressed to Fiorini by a Tuscan company that deals with cutting-edge heat treatments, processes for which large quantities of nitrogen are required.



Fiorini relied on the skills and experience of ABC, the Industrial Technologies and Processes Business Unit, to face a tough challenge: intervening on an existing system by replacing the 8000-litre tank with a 10000-litre one, entirely custom-made, using the same support base and thus adapting to the pre-existing dimensions.


A job carried out in collaboration with the customer, developed remotely through phone calls, email exchanges, sending photos, and sharing design sketches, all actions necessary to precisely reconstruct the existing installation context.


It was in this way that Fiorini created a tank for the storage of nitrogen at 25 bars capable of meeting the new capacity needs, painted according to the requests and ready for the installation in the system already in use.


A project that would have been impossible with standard products, for which professionalism, experience, and the ability to find flexible solutions were essential. All characteristics that make Fiorini the ideal partner for the design and construction of custom elements for any type of system.




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