CASE HISTORY – The Ospedale di Maratea chooses Fiorini for its DHW production system and solar heating panels

Published in 15/06/2020
Fiorini impianto ospedale di Maratea.

Fiorini Industries has partnered with the hospital in Maratea to create an additional heating system using solar panels and instant hot water production with the goal of minimising the risk of legionella within the system.

The DHW production and additional heating system was created using three fundamental components: 2 x mounted Set 70 to transfer the heat from a technical hot water storage tank of the domestic water supply, 2 x PFB 1500 puffers for the buffer tank used to store and produce technical water and lastly, 8 x H2000 solar panels for converting solar radiation into thermal energy.


For this system, the Ospedale di Maratea was also supported by Termoimpianti Limongi, which handled the installation and sizing of the SET instant DHW heaters, PFB puffers and H2000 solar panels, interfacing with the agency, Protek. The agency was responsible for technical and commercial support dedicated to the calculation and verification of the system sizing.


A high-profile project for Fiorini which drew on all the company’s experience and know-how in the thermal hydraulics field to meet the customer’s requirements in full. “The system works well. We haven’t had any solar panel stagnation or problems since 2016. This shows the importance of quality products, but also and above all, of a customised system, made possible by the partnership of all the actors in Fiorini’s network”.



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