Covid 19: Fiorini keeps its guard up on safety.

Published in 08/07/2020

Fiorini Nuove Misure Sicurezza Covid 19

Over recent weeks, the Fiorini Industries HR department has been keeping a close eye on national and regional trends in regards to the spread of Covid-19, and although the overall situation in Italy remains under control, a number of regions, including Emilia-Romagna, have recorded a high number of new cases.




Fiorini invites all staff to exercise utmost caution insofar as the virus is still actively circulating.

The current measures in place to counter the spread of the virus, indicated in the most recent company protocol, therefore remain in place and we reiterate the importance of keeping areas clean, social distancing, correct and frequent hand hygiene and the obligation to wear a face mask.


A few updates need to be made however, mainly due to the arrival of the summer season.

The air conditioning system has been activated in compliance with indications provided by the Italian National Institute of Health. The use of fans is prohibited.

In the production area there are common fridges for cooling food and fridges for mineral water. Each employee has been informed of the rules to be followed for correct use, which are nonetheless attached to each fridge.


In the awareness that during the summer period, the time and effort required to follow the rules is somewhat greater, it is important to strictly comply with all measures in place, necessary to reduce the risk of transmission.

Fiorini Management therefore trusts, as it has thus far, in each employee’s sense of personal responsibility and collaboration.




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