Fiorini expands its catalogue with a series of new products and upgrades.

Published in 18/11/2020

There are a whole host of new Fiorini products in the new 2021 catalogue which has just been published and made available for designers, installers and companies looking for products and solutions for heating, conditioning, ventilation and cooling systems.


Here is a list of the main new entries which you can find on its pages:


  • New size F009 gasketed heat exchanger (page 32):
    Thanks to the increased plate height compared to previous models, the new heat exchanger offers an excellent performance and is particularly suited with a low delta-T between the primary and secondary side.
  • New lower Flexy family (page 134):
    the new Flexy CONTAINERS guarantee large storage tank capacity in technical rooms that are only 220 cm high and can be transported in containers and high cube containers. Handling is easier thanks to the lifting bar placed at the foot of the tank and specially designed for use with forklift trucks and pallet jacks.
  • The new PLUGGY electric water heater (page 190):
    thanks to its stainless steel body and Incoloy 825 steel immersion heating elements, the new electric water heater model guarantees high performance DHW production and maximum resistance to corrosion.
  • New FST fast DHW heater replacing the AFK-HD model (page 203):
    the new DHW heater, available in 100 modular variations, features a higher power range and more compact size compared to the previous AFK-HD model.
  • New T-SET instant heater (page 228):
    thanks to the temperature adjustment via the thermostat valve, the new DHW heater is easier to adjust and install and is also cost-effective than the electronic version.
  • Upgrade of the SET instant heater (page 233):
    thanks to the new design, the renowned electronic instant DHW production unit is more compact compared to the previous version. It is also preconfigured for the installation and internal control of a recirculation kit. The range features 3 models, even if it does not completely coincide with the old one: the performance of the new SET 20 make it ideal for small installations, the SET 30 replaces the old SET 25 and the new SET 40 takes over from the old SET 35 and 40
  • Upgrade of the COMBI hot water buffer tanks (PAGE 262):
    the new series features improved overall dimensions and significantly lower costs compared to the previous version.
  • New F-WALL unit of the FENIX system (page 374):
    the new F-WALL direct expansion units offer improved efficiency and guarantee a better performance for lower power. The design has also been significantly improved.

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