Fiorini presents FST, the new semi-fast domestic hot water heaters.

Published in 15/09/2020

Modulo FST di Fiorini

Compact, modular, and easy to install, they can adapt perfectly to any type of system.



More domestic hot water and smaller size: these are the goals achieved with FST, the latest semi-fast DHW heater by Fiorini.


The FST domestic hot water heaters are pre-assembled units that, combined with a storage tank of the desired volume, rapidly produce and store large quantities of domestic hot water at a pre-set temperature. All of this in a small space, thanks to their very compact monobloc structure and the small size of the control unit.


Through the electronic control panel, easy and intuitive, you can control the device by acting on various factors such as the regulation of the temperature set points, the functioning of the pumps, and the programming of the anti-legionella treatments.


Available in 150 standard combinations, which differ mainly in the number and positioning of pumps and circulators, the FSTs are designed to be modular in a way that lets you, for example, increase their power by adding plates to the exchanger.


Compactness, adaptability, and speed: these are the characteristics that allow the FSTs to cover a wide range of needs in terms of power (from 55 to 700kw), installation context, and set of temperatures, making them the optimal choice for hotels, sports centres, hospitals, gyms, mountain huts (their ‘debut’ took place in the system of the Les Arc 1950 residence, in Borg St. Maurice), and much more.


A wild card to be used in the design and construction of many different types of systems.




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