Phase 2: Fiorini is gradually restarting its production activities. Here are the safety measures adopted

Published in 07/05/2020
Fiorini riprende le attività di produzione con un protocollo di prevenzione del covid19

Phase 2 of the Covid-19 emergency plan is put into place and Fiorini restarts its activities.


The entire production area is, in fact, gradually reopening its doors with the necessary precautions to protect the personnel.


Access to the workplaces is, however, only permitted for team members who have been supplied with reusable masks to be worn in shared environments.


In this phase, customers are not yet allowed to enter the premises, but can communicate with the company by phone or over the internet. Access by suppliers is, however, limited by the health and hygiene regulations envisaged by the virus prevention protocols and drivers should avoid getting out of their vehicles, where possible.


The company maintains a strict policy on social distancing as well, by limiting the number of employees allowed in the work space to ensure that a distance of one metre is maintained and, where this is not possible, will provide additional protective equipment, such as gloves, goggles and face shields.


To guarantee these safety regulations, Fiorini will continue to employ smart working and implement office shifts to minimise contacts as far as possible and prioritise the minimum number of staff in the workplaces. Shifts will be implemented in the areas dedicated to production as well, to minimise contacts and create independent, separate and easily identifiable groups. All travel within Italy and abroad remains suspended.


As occurred in the previous phase, the company guarantees daily cleaning and periodic sanitisation of all work and leisure areas.


In the hope that the situation rapidly improves, Fiorini will continue to take all the necessary care over prevention and the health of its staff. Employees are requested to observe the regulations to keep the virus under control when travelling from home to work as well, especially if they take public transport.



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