Webinar in Inglese su Kit Idronici e il loro ruolo nei sistemi HVAC

Pubblicata il 23/04/2020

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Wednesday the 29th April 2020

Relator: Giulio Abati, export sales department Fiorini Industries srl.


Chillers play an important role in cooling large buildings and industrial processes. FGAS regulation is now pushing chillers manufacturer to develop new unit with natural refrigerant gases.

Wherever there is a chiller there will be a Hydronic kit to handle the working fluid.

In this session you will get a basic overview of the different types of hydraulic variants in combination with chillers and heat pump installation.

The session also includes an overview of the most modern application with EC pump motor and benefit given by them.

Here is the link to register: https://lnkd.in/d2udrRi